Adjusting the Lens: Latin American and Caribbean fiscal policies from a gender perspective

By examining Latin American and Caribbean fiscal policies from a gender perspective, Oxfam’s latest discussion paper suggests that further study is necessary of the biases, both explicit and implicit, of fiscal systems that serve to reinforce traditional roles of women in society. Many modern fiscal policies are based on the idea that there is a male […]


Changing Food Systems & Inequality: Implications for Food Security and Public Policy in Brazil, India, Mexico, and South Africa

New research from the ECSN BRICSAM program finds that the globalization of agri-food systems in Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa has created opportunities for only a few – often landowners or those with access to capital – but has simultaneously increased gender, spatial and economic inequality, particularly in terms of increased marginalization of smallholders. […]


Taxation in Russia: Winners & Losers

  Inequality and Individual Income Taxation in Russia Russians at the bottom of income distribution believe inequality is high and rising.[i] The level of inequality in Russia is on a par with that of Turkey and Latin American countries. According to official statistics, in 2014 the after-tax income of the most affluent tenth exceed by […]


Mexican Farmers Protest Against Government Energy Reforms

By Guest Blogger Martina Borghi | El Barzon In December 2013, Mexico’s energy reform bill – the most significant overhaul of the country’s energy industry since 1938 – formally became law. But while December’s legislation removed the constitutional barriers to the opening of the sector,  President Enrique Peña Nieto introduced a series of ‘secondary laws’ in Congress in April […]

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