Even it up: Time to End Extreme Inequality

Economic inequality has reached extreme levels. From Ghana to Germany, Italy to Indonesia, the gap between rich and poor is widening. In 2013, seven out of 10 people lived in countries where economic inequality was worse than 30 years ago, and in 2014 Oxfam calculated that just 85 people owned as much wealth as the poorest half […]


Hidden Hunger in South Africa

South Africa is supposedly a food-secure nation, producing enough calories to feed every one of its 53 million citizens. But despite some progress, one in four people currently suffers hunger on a regular basis and more than half of the population live in such precarious circumstances that they are at risk of going hungry. These […]


Russian Civil Society Engages on Gender Issues in G20 Agenda

By Guest Blogger: Victoria Stetsko (Oxfam GB in Russia) In October, the Consortium of Women’s Organizations together with Oxfam GB in Russia convened 26 civil society experts, activists and lawyers to discuss how to advance gender issues in the G20 agenda. While G20 countries achieved significant success in moving forward to curb illicit financial flows […]


Advancing a Gender Agenda for El Barzon

El Barzón’s 3rd Assembly of Rural Women: advancing a gender agenda for El Barzón By Guest Blogger: Carolina Maldonado Pacheco – Oxfam Mexico On September 20-21, El Barzón’s 3rd Assembly of Rural Women took place in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. We were welcomed in the beautiful Ecoalberto Park, a natural reserve managed by an […]


Speaking Up on Behalf of Others

Speaking up on behalf of others: effective communication for advocacy El Barzón’s workshops in Mexico City and Guadalajara By Guest Blogger: Martina Borghi, Program Manager, El Barzon El Barzón represents many Mexicans who, for different reasons, are unable to speak directly to decision makers. During our twenty years of national presence, we have developed different […]

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