Trends in Development of Income Inequality in the BRICS Countries

Guest Blog Post by: Viktor Sokolov Master of Public Policy, associate researcher, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) The problem of income inequality is being discussed particularly sharply during the crisis – the burden of an economic slump severely strikes low-income groups of population, reducing the possibilities to lower the inequality. In […]


Inequality and Democracy in Indonesia

Originally published in the ¨Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia,¨ by Edward Aspinall The writer of this article explores the wealth inequality gap that has significantly increased in the recent years, since the democratic transition process began in 1998. Social and economic inequality strongly affects the transition process of previous non-democratic states and Indonesia is no […]


REBRIP Reflects on COP 20 – UN Climate Summit held in Peru

What is it? Who attended? What is the main challenge? Learn about Rebrip’s position, details about the event and the full document that will be the basis for the global agreement to be adopted in Paris.   By Janine Salles de Carvalho | REBRIP A space for climate change discussions and negotiations within the scope of the UN, […]

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