Interview with Regina Kiriutina, ECSN BRICSAM Russia and GCAP Russia Coordinator

Regina Kiriutina is a program officer for GCAP Russia and a coordinator for the ECSN BRICSAM Program in the Russian Federation. She is a gender equality advocate and recently attended the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Antalya, Turkey and a workshop on engaging with the G20 in Beijing China hosted by CSN BRICSAM partner, the Social […]


The TPP and Inequality

By Will Lasky ECSN BRICSAM Program Officer On Feb 4. 2015 12 nations signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. Among BRICSAM countries, Mexico is a signatory and Indonesia has declared its intent to join1. While proponents 2 argue that TPP will further humanitarian causes, critics have countered that the TPP deal will further a corporatist […]


Does the Idea of Choice Reinforce Inequality?

By Will Lasky ECSN BRICSAM Program Officer For Richer…or Poorer? The Capture of Growth and Politics in Emerging Economies, presents some staggering data plus case studies charting the exponential increase of elite wealth in BRICSAM countries.  According to the report: “If the top is dissected into even-smaller fractions, and each of these fractions is divided […]

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