Brazilian Network for the Integration of Peoples (Rede Brasileira pela Integracao dos Povos – REBRIP);

Intituto Equit  – Gênero, Economia e Cidadania Global  (EQUIT Institute – Gender, Economy and Global Citizenship), representing REBRIP – Rede Brasileira pela Integração dos Povos (Brazilian Network for the Integration of Peoples).

REBRIP is a nationwide network that gathers social organizations and entities of the Brazilian social movement together to accompany the government’s foreign policy and in particular the trade negotiations in which Brazil is involved at both the international and regional level. The network has an executive secretariat and working groups covering different topics (agriculture, services, intellectual property, gender, climate change etc)

The EQUIT Institute is a member of REBRIP’s national coordination.  In particular, it coordinates the International Economic Architecture (IEA) and Gender Working Groups and, in these areas, represents REBRIP for the implementation of projects within its mission and goals.

The EQUIT Institute, as part of its work within REBRIP,  has extensive experience in projects accompanying and monitoring  Brazilian foreign policy and in particular trade negotiations; regional integration blocs such as Mercosur, UNASUR and CELAC; initiatives such as IBSA and the BRICs; and multilateral negotiations such as WTO and more recently the G20 and now the Rio +20.



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