Public Health Challenges for BRICS may Impede Growth

Guest post by Oleg Kucheryavenko | Coordinator for Health Policy & Advocacy | GCAP Russia Originally posted here. This is the first of two posts  on access to health service in BRICS countries Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs turned the spotlight on the four emerging economies when he dubbed them the“BRIC”countries in 2001. The acronym […]


Cancer Medicines & Monopolies: Perpetuating Inequalities

By Malini Aisola, Access to Medicine Coordinator, Oxfam India Originally posted at: Cancer, a global cause of death and suffering is on the rise. WHO estimates that cancers accounted for 8.2 million deaths in 2012 which is projected to increase to 11.5 million deaths by 2030. The majority of cancer mortality and morbidity (70% of […]


Tackling Inequalities in Access to Healthcare: Will the G20 Take up Global Leadership?

Civil society organizations network in the BRICSAM, presented by Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) Russia, GCAP China, International Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID), and People’s Budget Initiative (PBI) India are calling on the G20  to take up global leadership in tackling inequalities in access to healthcare. BACKGROUND In recent years, Russia, India, China, and […]


Confronting Russia’s health crisis

Today’s guest bloggers, Oleg Kucheryavenko from GCAP Russia and Victoria Stetsko from Oxfam, share their opinion on Russia’s health crisis. Health is a fundamental right of all people integral to human well-being, which is the ultimate goal of development. It is not a commodity but a social good. Free public services, including healthcare, are the strongest […]


Does Increasing Public Investment in Access to Health Care Reduce Inequalities?

Focusing on four of the BRICSAM countries – Russia, India, China, and Indonesia – Oxfam and its partners will conduct a study with the hope of contributing evidence to the debate on how investment in public health services can reduce inequality – particularly economic inequality, gender and ethnic inequality and inequality in terms of access […]

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