What´s Next? : BRICSAM CSOs Weigh in on the SDGs and Implementing the 2030 Agenda

What are the challenges in implementing the ambitious 17 sustainable development goals and the 2030 Agenda in BRICSAM? To download What´s next? Reflections from emerging countries´civil society on the SDGs and the challenges of implementing and monitoring the 2030 Agenda, click: What´s Next This comprehensive primer of civil society perspectives includes: The Post 2015 Agenda and the […]


For Richer… or Poorer? The Capture of Growth and Politics in Emerging Economies

The emerging economies Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Turkey – in short, the BRICSAMIT – have come to be considered the economic powerhouses of recent decades, fostering a narrative of the growth of the South. Not only have these countries managed to reduce poverty; most have embarked on a steep economic growth path and […]


‘It’s No Longer Funny’: The Funding Wars That’ll Dictate Our Future

Pooja Pavati from Oxfam India, reflects on funding commitments for the post-2015 development agenda Originally posted at http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/ In the recently-concluded G20 Meet (15-16 November) in Brisbane, Australia, US President Barrack Obama and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe committed to $4.5 billion towards a Green Climate Fund (GCF), a U.N. fund to help developing nations cope with global […]


Post-2015 Fiscal Revolution – Human Rights Policy Brief

This joint policy brief by the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) and Christian Aid explores the role of fiscal policy in generating and allocating resources for sustainable development from a human rights perspective. It suggests using already existing human rights standards to provide a framework of binding principles which are of particular relevance […]

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