Taxation in Russia: Winners & Losers

  Inequality and Individual Income Taxation in Russia Russians at the bottom of income distribution believe inequality is high and rising.[i] The level of inequality in Russia is on a par with that of Turkey and Latin American countries. According to official statistics, in 2014 the after-tax income of the most affluent tenth exceed by […]


Civil Society from the Global South calls on G20 leaders to address Unequal Food Systems

Civil society networks from Mexico, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Russia leading the ECSN BRICSAM programme ´s work on inequality and food have presented a position paper to the G20 Development Working Group calling for G20 leaders to build more equitable and sustainable food systems. This group of CSO networks believes that the G20 needs to address issues related […]


Moving away from a resource-based economy: Reflections from the Moscow Economic Forum

Today’s guest bloggers Victoria Stetsko from Oxfam Russia and Oleg Kucheryavenko from GCAP Russia, report on the annual Moscow Economic Forum that took place from March 26-27, 2014.  This year’s discussion at the Moscow Economic Forum (MEF) was devoted to the non-resource based future of Russia and the re-industrialization process. In other words, finding an alternative […]


Does Increasing Public Investment in Access to Health Care Reduce Inequalities?

Focusing on four of the BRICSAM countries – Russia, India, China, and Indonesia – Oxfam and its partners will conduct a study with the hope of contributing evidence to the debate on how investment in public health services can reduce inequality – particularly economic inequality, gender and ethnic inequality and inequality in terms of access […]

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