Civil Society Position to BRICS Health Ministers

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As a coalition of civil society networks from across the BRICS, our aim is to ensure the voices of poor and marginalized people in our countries are taken into account in global policy-making processes. We encourage others—leaders and governments from BRICS nations, businesses, and think tanks—to join us in taking a stand on the issue of inequality and the negative impact it has on society.

Inequality locks a large part of the world´s population into poverty and poor health. As economic disparities grow across the globe, and especially within the world´s emerging economies, the richest 20% of people have seen health indicators and life expectancy rise significantly, whilst amongst the poorest 20%, the same indicators have stagnated. As a result, we are witnessing millions of preventable deaths and illnesses every year, particularly amongst most marginalised groups such as women, rural communities, ethnic minorities, LGBT people and the poorest sectors of society. It is unacceptable to leave such groups behind given the level of economic growth that our countries have witnessed.

With the establishment of a new set of global development goals just round the corner, we support BRICS governments to ensure we identify who is being left behind due to the vast inequality that exists in our countries, and to put in place measures to ensure equal access to health. In particular, we believe that three key aspects need to be addressed.

To read the full Position Paper, please follow the following link CSOs Position to BRICS Health Ministers

To read our Report on Health Spending and Inequality in Emerging Economies, please follow this link Health Spending and Inequality Report




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