CBGA / People’s Budget Initiative:

This coalition has facilitated the involvement of civil society in the budget process of the Union Government every year by creating a platform where civil society activists articulate key demands and expectations from the forthcoming Union Budget. The members of this coalition are from people’s movements, grassroots organisations, national and international development organisations, academia and the media. CBGA has been serving as the Secretariat of the People’s Budget Initiative since 2006.


Working primarily on issues around livelihoods, education, health and social exclusion, its programmes have included:

  • Public awareness-raising and action on the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act and Scheme, National Rural Health Mission, and the Right to Education Bill.
  • The ‘Nine Is Mine’ campaign for the allocation of 9 per cent of GDP to health and education, as promised in the CMP.
  • Release of the Citizens’ Reports on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in December 2006.
  • Annual review of the government’s performance through the publication of “report cards”.
  • Advocacy with legislators on livelihoods, health, and education.
  • A People’s Summit against Poverty.

Women’s Tribunal on Poverty.

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