International NGO Forum on International Development (INFID);

  • INFID has been active on G20 issues since 2008 when the crisis begun in the USA and the G20 was acknowledged as a high level forum. Various activities were carried out by INFID – policy dialogue with the Indonesian Government, a G20 campaign with the public, raising Indonesian CSOs’ awareness on the G20.  INFID also attended the Civil Society Forum on the G20 in Seoul.
  • Collaboration with Word Vision Indonesia to conduct a G20 Program around the Indonesian Government’s commitment and the participation of Indonesian CSOs between 1st March and 15th June 2012.

Collaboration with Oxfam GB Indonesia to conduct research and consultation on Indonesian CSOs and the G20 – Avenues to Strategic Engagement on Global Development Issues between 15th and 31st March 2011. The objectives were: (i) to initiate the engagement of Indonesian CSOs with Indonesian officials working on the G20 regarding the issue of global food security; and  (ii) to start the discussion on building ownership of the G20 agenda among Indonesian development actors (CSOs, government, private sector).

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