Alianza Nacional Agropecuaria, Comercializadores y Consumidores (ANACC)/ El Barzon Network.

As the legal entity under which the national movement “El Barzón” operates, ANACC’s experience includes the following processes related to this project:

The Barzón has engaged in pro-poor public policy debates and initiatives since its inception. Its experience as an alliance builder and coordinator goes back to the 1990s, as part of the conformation of a national farmers’ movement with alliances between producers of all scales, urban dwellers, service providers and common citizens in response to the devastating situation of debt and the crisis of profitability of the agrarian sector.

The economic revival of agricultural production units remains the driving force behind the ANACC/Barzón’s struggle. To this end, it has built capacity to engage in public policy processes to address agricultural production and marketing issues for over ten years. To date, the Barzón movement has members in 27 states, working primarily with small to mid-scale producers to increase their organizational and production capacity and their political influence.

ANACC/Barzón has carried out relevant advocacy work on agricultural public policies that support small and mid-scale sustainable farming, the right to food and rural development. ANACC/Barzón engages on policy issues through dialogue with government and networking with other civil society organizations, such as the Climate Finance Group and the national consumer rights campaign “Consumidores”.

Its experience thus far includes advocacy on issues including agricultural policy, rural livelihoods, sustainable energy and climate change, consumer rights and anti-monopoly practice, food security, as well as other economic and social justice issues. Recent activities include advocacy with the federal government to address the emergency situation in many Mexican states caused by drought, to negotiate emergency packages for rural communities, as well as mid-term measures and improved public policy on efficient use of water for agricultural production.

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