Policy Recommendations for the Civil BRICS Summit 2016

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The representatives of the civil society organisations (CSOs) from Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa (as well as developing nations including Mexico and Indonesia) present some of the key recommendations for the forthcoming BRICS Summit and Civil BRICS forum at Goa and New Delhi, India. This note summarises the concerns raised and expectations from the CSOs to the Government of India in six key policy areas: Agriculture and Food Security, Issues of Urbanisation and Urban Poverty, Issues of Gender Inequality, New Development Bank, Sustainable Development Goals, and Fiscal Justice. The recommendations have emerged from several consultations with various stakeholders, including academicians, civil society, social movements and policy experts from the BRICS nations. The consultations culminated in two sub-national consultations held in Goa and Ranchi in India in July 2016 ahead of an international consultation on ‘BRICS and the Agenda of Equality and Social Change’ in New Delhi on 28-29 July, 2016. This document builds on the basic conclusions and recommendations of Civil BRICS 2015 conducted in Moscow, Russia1 , and confirms its strong position on environmental and social issues. We would urge the Government of India to consider accepting the following recommendations which have ramifications for all BRICS citizens in both the official Civil BRICS communique as well as the BRICS 2016 declaration/communique.

Policy Recommendations for the Civil BRICS Summit 2016 ECSN-BRICSAM WNTA

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