India: Moving towards equal opportunities for all?

“In India… we must aim at equality. That does not mean and cannot mean that everybody is physically or intellectually or spiritually equal or can be made so. But it does mean equal opportunities for all, and no political, economic, or social barriers.” Jawaharlal Nehru, The Discovery of India. Decades of rapid and unequally shared […]


Inequality Matters: BRICS inequalities fact sheet

This Oxfam International fact sheet, published in partnership with the BRICS Policy Centre, outlines trends in key dimensions of socio-economic inequality in the BRICS countries. It looks especially at education, gender, health, social expenditure and environmental sustainability. The BRICS countries have growing influence in the global economy, but face challenges in reducing inequality. Growth in […]


The Cost of Inequality: How wealth and income extremes hurt us all

This Oxfam International briefing shows how an explosion in extreme wealth and income is exacerbating inequality and hindering the world’s ability to tackle poverty. The $240 billion net income in 2012 of the richest 100 billionaires would be enough to end extreme poverty four times over. The briefing calls on world leaders to curb today’s […]


India to grow at not less than 5.5%: fm | The brics post

Public sector companies, “most of whom have strong balance-sheets” will be asked to raise funds overseas via quasi-sovereign bonds, said Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram. In an interview to Indian business daily The Economic Times, the finance minister said US Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke’s statements have added to the “confusion” for which emerging markets have paid heavily. “With […]

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