Global Call for Action against Poverty (GCAP);

Arkhangelsk Centre of Social Technologies “Garant”, is the leading member of GCAP Russia and it has implemented more than 50 social projects at the regional, nation-wide and international levels for the development of forms of public participation in solving concrete problems.

GCAP Russia was established in 2005, and now comprises 40 members – civil society organizations around the country from Moscow to Vladivostok, working in a range of sectors. Its nationwide and cross-sector reach makes it unique among Russian CSOs, particularly those working in the field of poverty reduction. 
Since 2006 GCAP members, including Garant, have been working on improving access to free health care for poor and marginalized groups in Russia. 
GCAP Russia has taken an active part in Oxfam’s project with the Higher School of Economics – “Sharing responsibility for development: learning from experience to achieve results”.  GCAP Russia has received training on international development and ODA issues to raise awareness about these topics in the region. 
Each year, in conjunction with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17th, GCAP Russia members run a campaign as part of the World We Want 2015 global mobilization.

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